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Tom Truth


Welcome to the world of Tom Truth, a captivating and logical storyteller who enables readers to apply facts and logic to compare and rate our two most recent presidents. Readers will use the same yardstick to compare President Biden and former President Trump, using the popular 5-star rating system. Was the President a good role model for our children and grandchildren? 

Tom is a wordsmith with over 40 years of experience.  He crafts brief narratives that may transport you to the real world if you are now a believer of baseless accusations and falsehoods. ALL facts and data presented are verifiable. Read Rate the Presidents, Part I, and update all of the competencies with your own up-to-date research. 


Compare the Presidents

To introduce you to “Rate the Presidents, Part I: Compare Biden and Trump on 10 Dimensions, here are the first five rating questions. To give you a taste of the new book, you have five opportunities below to rate President Biden and Former President Trump, and to make a fair comparison. Think about each one. Take your time, and use your own research on the internet, and elsewhere to make your determinations. Record them below, beneath “Rate the Presidents.” Make notes as needed.


For each dimension, rate the Presidents’ competency by using a rating between 5 (Excellent) and 0 (Has not demonstrated this competency). Giving a rating of “5”, “Excellent” on this competency assesses the president’s performance very positively. For example, “Attempted to Unite all Americans” asks if the president has made substantial efforts to promote a unifying message for ALL Americans. Think about it.


Avoid making any ratings impulsively. As appropriate, do an internet search before rating either president on topics on which you are least familiar. Avoid questionable or contaminated news sources, particularly the ones that have been found to have loose standards for what they call “facts” and “news.” If a particular print media like a newspaper or magazine, or TV show, or radio program uses anger and hatred to make their point, go to another news source.”

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Who was the better


About The


Tom Truth is the Author of ten books, more than 25 Training Manuals, and over one hundred periodical articles. He is a frequent commenter in many national news outlets. Tom has led others as CEO, President, Director, and member of the Board of Directors for an International association. In a career spanning over 40 years, he was also a Corporate Trainer and Consultant, having trained thousands of participants in Program Management and Project Management throughout the U.S. and Canada. His clients have included many Fortune 500 clients as well as several major universities.

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Sad to say, since the 1990s, many Americans have turned to one
of the many “contaminated News” sources.

About The


There have never been so many sources of information and misinformation available to anyone, since the internet came into prominence in the 1990s. Unfortunately, many of them cannot be verified, nor should they be trusted. What we need is a variety of hate-free, honest, truthful news sources, the ones that quickly correct any mistake. They exist, and many are listed at the ends of each chapter. Sadly, we have tens of millions of Americans who have been indoctrinated by repetitious and well-funded radical-right media. They have been trained to believe the opposite of the truth. This year, more than ever before, you need to add your own internet searches to verify anything heard at the local bar or diner, or at work. You should supplement the data and facts contained in the book with your own research into areas where you want more data.

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