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There have never been so many sources of information and misinformation available to anyone, since the internet came into prominence in the 1990s. Unfortunately, many of them cannot be verified, nor should they be trusted. What we need is a variety of hate-free, honest, truthful news sources, the ones that quickly correct any mistake. They exist, and many are listed at the ends of each chapter. Sadly, we have tens of millions of Americans who have been indoctrinated by repetitious and well-funded radical-right media. They have been trained to believe the opposite of the truth. This year, more than ever before, you need to add your own internet searches to verify anything heard at the local bar or diner, or at work. You should supplement the data and facts contained in the book with your own research into areas where you want more data.

So, how do we prepare to vote in 2024? Reading the Kindle or paperback edition of “Rate the Presidents, Part I: Compare Biden and Trump on 10 Dimensions”, will get you most of the way there. At the beginning of 2024, there is no “go to” standard for fairly measuring the effectiveness of our presidents, and I hope that this book will get the ball rolling on that. Evaluating the performance of a U.S. President is not easy, it is a complex task. That is why we need a more objective “yardstick” to compare them. This book provides that by offering a structured rating system at the end of every chapter that you can use to compare President Biden and former President Trump.